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A Michigan Contractor and your Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cable installer.

Your Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cable installer a Michigan Contractor with over 10 years experience in the cabling industry here in the Great Lake State. Are you troubled with long copper cable runs that do not seem to function as they should? Perhaps you have a T-1 or some equivalent that is not always operational. If your telephone network interface is over 100 meters from your computer room or your copper station cables (cat5, cat5e, cat6) are over 100 meters (328 feet). You may consider a multi-mode fiber optic cable install. Copper network cable ( cat5, cat5e, cat6) should not be over 100 meters (328 feet) including patch cords. If this is the case you could be loosing too much signal. Maybe you should consider an Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) at the other end of your space. By installing a second frame linked with a multi-mode fiber optic cable installed, you may be able to shorten several or all of your longer copper (cat-5, cat-5e, cat-6) and improve the function of your entire computer network several times over. We can install your Fiber Optic Cable as well as any twisted pair cabling (cat5, cat5e, cat6) and assist you in integrating you fiber optic cable with your existing or new cabling network from start to finish. If you believe this may be the case for you. We thrive on network cable installations. We do any kinds of fiber optic cable ends that you may require. The most popular are Straight Tip (ST) and Subscriber Connector (SC) but we are not limited to these. We can work with many brands of fiber. Call Advanced Network Cabling Incorporated, a Michigan Contractor and your Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cable installer here in the Great Lake State for your free quote.

When you need a new office wired for computers and/or telephone network cabling, call us. We at Advanced Network Cabling Incorporated your Michigan contractor have the experience to install your network cable and the test equipment to CERTIFY your wiring. This means you are guaranteed the level of quality your system demands. We bring the telephone and computer network cable knowledge of a full featured network cable installer to the installation.

ETA Fiber Optic Cable Installer CERTIFIED. To insure that your multi-mode fiber cable install by your Michigan contractor is the best it can be with the highest quality. We at Advanced Network Cabling will have a Certified fiber optic cable technician on site during any installs. Unlike many other cabling company's who the Certified Technician is rarely if ever on site at your location.  Our technicians have more than just a certificate we have done multi-mode fiber cable install at such well known sites as JC Penney's department stores, Marriott, Transfreight shipping, just to name a few. The technician who completes your network cable install will be a seasoned veteran in the field of communication cable installation.

Let Advanced Network Cabling Incorporated, a Michigan Contractor and your Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cable installer quote your next fiber optic cable install for you for free. The price is so low it may shock you. Here at Advanced Network Cabling Inc. a Michigan contractor, we have the advantage of large company resources with lower rates. We often help other nation wide contractors with their nation wide roll-outs. In fact over 60% of work is done as subcontracting for these national contractors. By calling Advanced Network Cabling directly, you get the lower rates (generally with a shorter response time) with the quality of a national contractor. Essentially cutting out the Middle Man, with over 90% of our work coming from repeat customers and referrals. We believe that if given an opportunity you will agree that Advanced Network Cabling is the right contractor for all of your communication cabling needs. We take pride in being on time, every time with complete customer satisfaction.

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