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Designing Computer Cable Networks

Advanced Network Cabling Inc. a Michigan Company, has the expertise and a wide range of resources available to insure your computer cable network design will provide the greatest advantage in cost vs. future growth spectrum. We can assist you in designing a computer cable network that will full fill your needs far into the future.

Weather you are looking to cable a new building, add a few cables in an existing suite or just looking to repair a few wires. The Technicians here at ANC have the experience and knowledge necessary to fill all of your Computer Cabling needs within your company’s budget.

Just a few things that you can expect for our network cabling installation technicians to know and understand. Category 5, category 5e, category 6 and category 6e installation shall not exceed the 100 meter (328 ft.) standard including patch cords. All data cables are to be installed in a point to point fashion, no splices, cross connects, or patching of any kind. The cable will be terminated at the distribution point, (computer room/computer closet) using category 5 or higher, 568A/B 110-type connection patch panels with eight (8) pin RJ45 connectors or ports in the front. Typically a horizontal wire manager is installed for each patch panel. The patch panels will be clearly labeled with the same number and or letter as the station jack.

A brief description of some examples that network cable installation services installed by Advanced Network Cabling Inc. a Michigan Company can provide to you. Our highly skilled technicians and cable installers are qualified and capable in the data cable installation and service of a large variety of low voltage cables. Including but not limited to category3, category 5, category 5e, and category 6 (to include certification for all twisted pair cabling). Which have a verity of network installation applications including but not limited to cash registers, credit check terminals, high speed internet connections, Wireless back bones, network PC's and more.

At Advanced Network Cabling Inc. a Michigan Company we have the advantage of large company resources with lower rates. We often help other nation wide contractors with their nation wide roll-outs. In fact over 60% of work is done as subcontracting for these national contractors. By calling Advanced Network Cabling directly, you get the lower rates (generally with a shorter response time) with the quality of a national contractor. Essentially cutting out the middle man and with over 90% of our work coming from repeat customers and referrals. We believe that if given an opportunity you will agree that Advanced Network Cabling is the right contractor for all of your communication cabling needs. We take pride in being on time, every time with complete customer satisfaction.


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